The facts on Climate Change Demand A Radical Solution

by Evan Engering The latest book of Naomi Klein, the influential Toronto-based journalist, author and activist, may live up to its ambitious title “This Changes Everything”. In it, Klein turns her thorough, eye-opening brand of investigative journalism to the topic of climate change. The book is a surprising achievement for a mainstream author. Her call […]

Canada and world march for climate solutions

by Barry Weisleder While hundreds of thousands marched in Manhattan, thousands took to the streets in cities across Canada to warn that climate change threatens civilization and life on Earth. Demonstrations took place in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Montreal and Calgary. In Toronto over 3,000 walked from City Hall through the downtown core. Hundreds travelled from Toronto […]

Ottawa ignores Kyoto

A previous Liberal government cynically entered into it, and systematically violated it. The present Conservative government thumbed its nose at it from the start, and unceremoniously quit the treaty on Dec. 12. Despite its abject weaknesses, including low targets and unenforcability, the Kyoto Protocol still signifies the need to address escalating carbon emissions, climate change, […]