Contact Tracing or How governments try to justify the expansion of their spying powers

by Kurt Young In the 2010’s a new technology called Near Field Communication (NFC) rolled out for public use. This is the technology behind the tapping feature of credit and debit cards. Many privacy advocates believed this technology would be used to monitor the movements of people. They believed that NFC chips would be placed […]

The facts on Climate Change Demand A Radical Solution

by Evan Engering The latest book of Naomi Klein, the influential Toronto-based journalist, author and activist, may live up to its ambitious title “This Changes Everything”. In it, Klein turns her thorough, eye-opening brand of investigative journalism to the topic of climate change. The book is a surprising achievement for a mainstream author. Her call […]

Public Forum – DISARM THE COPS!

Youth for Socialist Action – presents a public forum – DISARM THE COPS! The July 27 police killing of 18-year old Sammy Yatim, another in a long string of unarmed victims shot to death by Toronto cops, raises questions: What is the root cause of these murders, often of immigrant, working class, and visible minority […]