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The Red Review, brought to you by Socialist Action, covers the monthly happenings in Canada from a socialist perspective.

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The Red Review — Interview with Theresa Tait-Day about Wet'suwet'en Self-Determination The Red Review

All the people who work on The Red Review live and work on stolen Indigenous lands across Turtle Island. There can be no reconciliation without restitution, which includes Land Back and seizing the assets of the major resource corporations and returning them to the commons. In the final bonus episode of this season of The Red Review, brought to you by Socialist Action, Emily, Flo, and Daniel interview Theresa Tait-Day or Chief Wi'hali'yte of the Wet'suwet'en nation about what Indigenous self-determination looks like to her. In the first half of this episode (begins at 1:57), Theresa demands restitution from corporations and the Canadian state that built on their land and took their resources without any restitution. Theresa demands that traditional Indigenous governance be fully represented when resource development is negotiated. Theresa demands an end to the racist Indian Act. In the second half of this episode (begins at 45:45), Emily, Flo, and Daniel unpack the interview and discuss how socialists ought to incorporate the first principle of self-determination for oppressed nations into slogans, tactics, and movements.  We wish to highlight that there are other Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs with different perspectives on the Coastal GasLink pipeline project. It is not our place to decide who is right or wrong. We instead target the Canadian state and Canadian corporations with demands that center Wet'suwet'en self-determination. We encourage all listeners to explore other media if they wish to learn more about the different perspectives held by the Wet'suwet'en people regarding the Coastal GasLink pipeline. Watch this interview with Sleydo’, spokesperson for the Gidimt’en Checkpoint. A list of other articles that influenced this episode of The Red Review can be found here.  Links: Website: First Nations Major Projects CoalitionSome Previously Shared Links:Twitter: Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle EastWebsite: Palestine Youth MovementWebsite: No Pride in Policing CoalitionWebsite: Red Braid AllianceWebsite: Last Stand for ForestsTwitter: 1492 Land Back LaneWebsite: Tiny House Warriors
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