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Pictures and Audio Recording of the NDP Socialist Caucus lunch-time forum

Enclosed are some photos taken by Julius A. at the successful NDP Socialist Caucus lunch-time forum hald at the Metropolitan Hotel in Toronto, site of the Ontario NDP Provincial Council meeting on November 3, 2012.
Some thirty council delegates, coming from St. Catharines, Stayner, Guelph, Toronto, London, Port Colborne, Markham, Oshawa, Sarnia, Oakville, Halton and Pickering, engaged in a lively discussion on the topic “How to Fight Austerity in Ontario”. Panelists Nancy Pridham (V.P., OPSEU), Ali Mallah (CUPE member, Toronto municipal worker, former Ontario and Federal NDP Executive member), and Barry Weisleder (Socialist Caucus chairperson, OSSTF member and Toronto Substitute Teachers’ organizer) led off the discussion. The meeting was chaired by John Orrett, Thornhill NDP president.

The audio recording of the first part of the lunch forum is here, and the second part is here.

NDP Socialist Caucus public forum in Brantford

Do you plan to attend?
If you live far from Brantford (which is about a 20 minute drive west of Hamilton, Ontario), please disregard this message.

Please copy, post and circulate this invitation widely, especially across southern Ontario:

– An NDP Socialist Caucus Public Forum-
The Future of the NDP and Labour
with guest speaker:
Barry Weisleder, Chair, NDP Socialist Caucus; Editorial board member of Turn Left (the SC magazine); Co-editor of Socialist Action monthly newspaper; Organizer, Toronto Substitute Teachers’ Action Caucus, OSSTF District 12.

Friday, September 14
7 p.m.
MOOSE LODGE, 145 West St., (at Grey St.)
downstairs hall, in Brantford, Ontario
Everyone is welcome. For more information visit:
e-mail: phone: 519 – 304-3067 (Roy in Brantford) or 416 – 535 – 8779


Do you plan to join us at the Toronto Labour Day Parade, Sept. 3 at 9 a.m.?

Dear sisters and brothers, comrades and friends,

Do you plan to walk with the NDP Socialist Caucus on Toronto’s annual Labour Day Parade?

Can you meet us at the Socialist Caucus banner on the south-east corner of Queen Street West and University Avenue (Osgoode Subway Station on the University line) at 9 a.m. sharp on Monday, September 3?

Help us show that working people, students, youths, seniors, LGBT folk and women want to step up the fight against capitalist austerity, support embattled teachers and education support staff, defeat the Harper and McGuinty budgets by any means necessary, eliminate student fees and debt, replace nuclear with sustainable green energy sources, back the efforts of auto workers to resist further concessions and restore full pensions – and fight to turn the NDP sharply to the left!

We look forward to seeing you this Monday morning.

In solidarity,

Barry Weisleder,
Chair, NDP Socialist Caucus

NDP Leader race crowded, on the right

Montreal MP Thomas Mulcair, a former Quebec Liberal cabinet minister who takes pride in his role in early ‘free trade’ negotiations, brings a decidedly pro-capitalist, anti-Quebec self-determination perspective to the New Democratic Party leadership race. When Mulcair announced his candidacy, he had the backing of 15 MPs, soon likely 30, but few supporters outside of the ranks of strongly pro-federalist Quebecers.

British Columbia MP Nathan Cullen, another leadership contender, advocates a “non-compete agreement” with the Liberal and Green parties. While the stated aim is to unite anti-Conservative votes in the next federal election, such a move, welcomed by the pro-Liberal media as a step towards merger, would destroy the NDP as a party independent of the business class. It would drown generations of working class social gains.

Ottawa MP Paul Dewar promises that as NDP leader he would give city governments more say – even a seat at federal-provincial ministers’ meetings. Dewar, until recently the NDP foreign affairs critic in Parliament, defended the bombing of Libya by Canadian Forces. He supports the Canada-U.N. occupation of Haiti, opposed the Canadian Boat to Gaza, and rejects boycott, sanctions and divestment aimed at the Zionist apartheid state.

Northern Quebec MP Romeo Saganash, a Cree lawyer and regional leader, has yet to detail his policy positions since joining the leadership race in September. Nova Scotia MP Robert Chisholm will soon toss his hat into the ring. Fellow Nova Scotian Martin Singh, a pharmacist and businessman, extols the virtues of entrepreneurship.

On October 28, Toronto MP and former Canadian Auto Workers Union negotiator Peggy Nash declared her candidacy. Her platform, in the words of Toronto Star columnist Thomas Walkom, “is straight-up NDP orthodoxy”; “address social inequality… and boost corporate taxes to pay for it.” The only positive point of differentiation is Nash’s praise for the Occupy movement.

That brings us to the never-elected-to-public-office Brian Topp — touted as the front-runner. He enjoys the backing of the Steelworkers’ Union and party icons Ed Broadbent and Roy Romanow. Lately, Topp called for higher taxes on corporate profits and big income earners.

But Topp is a very unlikely candidate of the left. He rescued the party establishment from ann embarrassing defeat at the federal NDP convention in Vancouver in June when he moved to refer back to the executive its proposal to delete the word “socialist” from the party constitution preamble. Post-convention, the preamble disappeared from the federal party web site – a devious move typical of the backroom politics associated with Topp and company.

Sadly, leftist B.C. MPs Libby Davies and Peter Julian opted out of the race. Bizarrely, Davies later endorsed Topp, the man who as federal campaign director presided over the party’s steady shift to the right.

The dearth of meaningful choices for NDP Leader poses a serious challenge to the NDP and to the anti-capitalist left: either raise the tens of thousands of dollars needed to run a socialist candidate for Leader, or find other ways to fight for a Workers’ Agenda in the only mass, labour-based political party in North America.

The global “Occupy”movement, and a whole generation of concerned environmentalists, plus millions of victims of war and capitalist economic crisis cry out for a socialist alternative. It must be generated inside the mainstream of the workers’ movement, where it matters most.

> The article above was written by Barry Weisleder.


The Socialist Caucus (SC) was founded in 1998 at Toronto, Ontario by NDP activists who were concerned about the right-wing drift of the party leadership.

The Caucus soon had supporters across the Canadian state, especially Ontario and British Columbia.  We advocate socialist policies based on economic democracy and workers’ empowerment, such as social ownership of the commanding heights of the economy, the eradication of homelessness and poverty, women’s rights and gender equality, environmental sustainability, and global peace and cooperation.

The SC published its Manifesto for a Socialist Canada in 1999 and produces its magazine, Turn Left, for every federal and Ontario provincial convention.

The SC believes that in order to attain power, the NDP must connect with working class people, wage earners and equity-seeking groups like never before.  This means championing socialist policies that can capture the dreams and aspirations of millions of people in Canada and around the world.

The SC holds an annual convention every year which includes panel discussions, debates and preparations for the NDP federal convention.

Not only do we want to move the party back to its working class and socialist roots, we want to democratize the party and make it an instrument of its rank and file membership.

Millions of people in Canada and around the world are moved by the vision of a new society in which democracy, equality and cooperation – the essential values of socialism – will one day be the prevailing principles of organization.  It is in the growth of their numbers and in the success of their struggles that lies the best hope for humankind.

The NDP Socialist Caucus warmly invites NDP members throughout Canada and Quebec to become involved in this most important endeavor.

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