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Pharmacare: What are you waiting for, Tom Mulcair?

Over 90 per cent of Canadians back the concept, according to a recent Angus Reid Institute poll. Canada is the only country with a universal health-care system that doesn’t also cover the cost of prescription medicine.
High prices force many people to avoid filling prescriptions; even more skip doses or split pills to try to make medicine last longer. In this way, thousands risk aggravated illness and needless suffering.

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The “New” European Reformism and the Failure of the Broad Left Party Strategy

by Bob Lyons
The capitulation of the SYRIZA government to the demands of European imperialism has sent shock waves across a wide section of the international Left for some very concrete and understandable reasons.
This left developed in an academic atmosphere, proclaiming a new kind of “21st century socialism”. The latter is a vague formula, filled by all types of outmoded ideas dressed up in new clothing, and presented with a large helping of caricature of Leninism dressed up as anti-authoritarianism, linked to a project of “building socialism from below”. Its promoters had high hopes in SYRIZA as a socialist party of a new type.

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Public Forum: Following the sell-out by Syriza

Socialist Action presents a public forum:
Following the sell-out by Syriza: Fighting austerity, from Greece to Spain

with special guest speaker:
Richard Wagman, member of Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste (NPA) in France. Born in Ontario, resident for decades in Montreal and Paris, Richard is a professional translator based in Paris.

An open question and discussion period will follow the presentation.

  • Thursday, August 13 7 p.m.
  • at OISE U of Toronto, 252 Bloor Street West, Room 5-280
    (above St. George subway station) [map]
  • Everyone is welcome. Donation $4, or PWYC.

For more information:

  • .Fighting austerity richard wagman

The Common Front and the Fight Against Austerity in Quebec

by Robbie Mahood
Since it was elected with a majority in 2014, the Quebec Liberal government of Philippe Couillard, has embarked on an aggressive austerity drive aimed at liquidating the social gains remaining from the class and national insurgency of the 1960`s  and 70`s.  Slashing budgets, opening up contracts to raid the pension plans of municipal employees, imposing new or higher user fees for public services, increasing the workload of teachers and nurses, eliminating programmes to safeguard health and the environment or provide assistance for vulnerable citizens — the government has cut a wide swath, targeting even privileged groups such as doctors.

The Panitch-Gindin Attack on the Greek Left

by Bob Lyons
The international response to Leo Panitch’s first foray into justifying the Tsipras faction’s betrayal of the Greek people’s NO to austerity and NO to the diktats of European imperialism, was one of almost universal approbation.  And, with great justification, much derision.
To put it bluntly, the European left, from Tariq Ali to Kevin Ovenden, heaped great, steaming mounds of scorn on what Ovenden termed a piece not equal to the level of a serious debate.

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