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NB NDP told to “turn out the lights”


by Chris Wannamaker

The New Brunswick NDP announced it will extend its efforts to attract candidates for the position of leader, after the original deadline to apply passed on July 24.

Three people expressed an interest, but none were approved by the party executive to run for the office.

Even so, party executive remains optimistic that a suitable individual can be found.

“The NDP is now in a position to actively recruit talented individuals for the role,” said Cyprien Okana, NB NDP president in a news release.

Former leader Jennifer Mackenzie resigned after she realized she could not avoid a leadership review in February. Under her leadership, the NDP lost the 2018 provincial election, gaining just five percent of the vote. MacKenzie declared she was a socialist and that she was in favour of nationalization in some cases, but did not elaborate publicly what she meant.

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Fight the Education Cuts in Peel

Four children with signs and yelling against Education Cuts

Mississauga Socialist Action

presents a public forum on

Fight the Education Cuts in Peel

Speakers:  Karen Ebanks, secondary school teacher, member of OECTA.

Daniel Tarade, U of Toronto PhD candidate in Science and member of Socialist Action.

Sabia Khan, community organizer, York U PhD student studying history of Ontario public schools.

Entertainment will feature:  Spoken word artist Socialist Hip Hop – Mohammad Ali.  (He will also speak on the panel as a community college student currently organizing against the cuts.)

Saturday, Sept. 7   6 p.m.

at Celebration Square, 300 City Centre Drive, in downtown Mississauga, about 40 minutes west of Toronto.

Everyone is welcome.  Admission is free, donations appreciated.  For more information call:  647-986-1917     Visit:

Contradictions Evident in Vancouver rally for Hong Kong


by Kurt Young

On August 17, between 4 and 7 p.m., a protest was held in Vancouver in solidarity with those in Hong Kong fighting against their corrupt government. At the corner of West Broadway and Cambie Street, protesters and counter-protesters rallied in front of the entrance to the Broadway–City Hall subway station. This is a site of great importance to the Vancouver Chinese community, steps from City Hall and a gateway to the heart of Downtown and Richmond, a predominantly Chinese area of the city.

The protesters gathered there to raise awareness of both the 3-month-long struggle of the people of Hong Kong against the repression they have faced since June of this year and for their demands. They ask that: Hong Kong government withdraw the extradition law; that it stop referring to protesters as rioters; that it unconditionally free those who have been arrested; that it hold free and open elections; and that it establish an independent inquiry to investigate allegations of police brutality.

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New Brunswick seeks to block right to strike, again

Proud-nursing-home-workersNew Brunswick nursing home workers are waiting to see whether their right to strike will be upheld after an appeal filed by the province’s Attorney General was made to the New Brunswick Court of Appeal on July 24.

The province is appealing a decision by Chief Justice Tracey Deware who ruled in favour of an earlier labour board decision that deemed most of the workers non-essential, giving them the right to strike. The Chief Justice gave the province until January 2020 to amend the law to ensure it complied with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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NUPGE – Costly and Ineffective


by Julius Arscott

The triennial National Union of Public and General Employees’ Union (NUPGE) convention, held June 20 – 23, drew 350 delegates to Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Many of them witnessed the unveiling of the Winnipeg General Strike memorial, situated across from City Hall, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the historic strike when workers took control of their city, and laid the basis for the expansion of the labour movement – which today is threatened by aggressive employer and state actions.  NUPGE is a federal umbrella of provincial unions.  To affiliate to the Canadian Labour Congress and its over three million members, unions like OPSEU across the country (except for Quebec and the Territories) must join NUPGE.

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