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What are the OFL and unions doing? Ontario teachers escalate the fight against Tory cuts

What are the OFL and unions doing?

Ontario teachers escalate the fight against Tory cuts


by Barry Weisleder

The four main teachers’ unions in Ontario are converging in mass strike actions that challenge the anti-education agenda of the Doug Ford Conservative government at Queen’s Park. Big protest rallies in the Fall were followed by one-day walkouts of secondary school teachers in December. In the third week of January, elementary school teachers struck province-wide for a day. Then public high school, Catholic and French-language school teachers picketed across select districts – in all, affecting over one million students and their parents.

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Brexit and the Class Struggle in Britain

Lessons and Prospects


Brexit and the Class Struggle in Britain

by Barry Weisleder

For over forty years, Jeremy Corbyn and the left wing of the British Labour Party (BLP) strongly opposed the European Union (E.U.). They opposed joining it. They opposed remaining in it. Was that stance a concession to racism? Not at all. Not any more than opposing imperialist war is a concession to isolationism, or a sellout to capitalists who profit from building homes, instead of bombs. The European Union is a monstrous machine of corporate rule, not a humanitarian refuge. Opposition to it was, and continues to be an essential basis for popular sovereignty and a Workers’ Agenda. The retreat by Corbyn and the BLP into the pro-EU swamp largely explains Labour’s devestating electoral setback on October 21, 2019. (Voters in 53 of the 59 seats that Labour lost had earlier voted to Leave the E.U.)

Why discuss this now? Because reversing that stance will be key to resisting the Tory agenda, towards mobilizing the working class in mass action for a socialist alternative.

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Shame on Trudeau and the imperialist class he serves! Break sharply with the Modi regime in India!

Members of Socialist Action in Toronto participated in the Save Constitution Save Democracy rally at Queens Park on January 26, 2020 organized by Indo-Canadians for Humanity. See below a statement which was distributed to attendees of the rally.

Dear Comrades and Friends,

I am speaking on behalf of Socialist Action, to convey our militant solidarity with the global movement for human rights and social justice in India.

We express, through you, Indo-Canadians, our solidarity with the millions of your brothers and sisters in India who are in struggle against an increasingly repressive, autocratic regime – in Shaheen Bagh, in Jantar Mantar, Jamia Millia, Mangalore, Dispur, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Meerut, Kanpur, Firozabad, JNU, AMU, Bhuvaneswar, and Mumbai. The current very powerful and inspiring movement extends to almost every town and city across India.

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Socialist Action – British Columbia says No War on Iran!

Members and supporters of Socialist Action – B.C. attended two anti-war rallies in Vancouver, British Columbia.

No War with Iran! Drop the Sanctions!
The unilateral abandonment by Trump of the multilateral nuclear deal with Iran,the re-imposition of brutal sanctions on Iran and any country that bought oil from Iran, sanctions that include medicine, food and other life supplies and are illegal under international law, these were not enough damage and destruction by US imperialism.
The United States, the most heavily armed, most vicious economic and military force on Earth, denounces any person or nation who does not bow to its will, as “terrorists”. The United States, meanwhile terrorizes the Earth for wealth, resources and power and refuses asylum to refugees from imperialist violence and capitalist climate change.
Iranian general Qasem Soleimani, the head of the elite Quds Force was murdered in Baghdad by a drone strike ordered by Trump. Solemani was a military general, not a terrorist. He is famous for never killingany American civilian. He has killed soldiers of the American aggressors, not in the United States, but as invaders and murderers in the Middle East. Killing Soleimani was a murder, a war crime, a provocation.
Iran which has not started a war in 200 years, then, accidentally shot down a passenger plane, afraid it had detected stealth F35 American war planes over Tehran. The plane was shot down in the wake of Trump’s provocation and was primarily his fault.
Trudeau pompously and hypocritically condemned Iran for its mistake and demanded Iran account for itself.
On July 3, 1988 Iranian flight 655, a regularly scheduled passenger flight from Tehran to Dubai, was shot down by USS Vincennes over the Persian Gulf killing 290 people. President George Bush, famously refused to apologize or take any remedial action. The entire ships crew were awarded medals shortly after.
All U.S., Canadian, EU and allied troops Out of the Middle East!
Canada Out of NATO!
End all investment and trade with Saudi Arabia and Israel!
Imperialist Hands Off Iran!
Join the fight against American and Canadian imperialist exploitation and violence. Help us fight against climate change, endless war, poverty and misery. Help fight for Socialism!
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