Announcing the Municipal Socialist Alliance Shadow Council

After the 7th MSA convention on Monday, Nov. 21, the MSA announced our shadow council on Wednesday, Nov. 23. A group of MSA candidates and supporters visited city hall for the beginning of a new term of Toronto city council. We intended to hold a press conference outside of Mayor John Tory's office to announce the formation of the MSA shadow council and to observe the first session of city council.

Socialist Action Canada Ontario General Strike

Socialist Action Calls For an Ontario General Strike to Dump Thug Ford 

The democratic right to strike is at stake as confrontation escalates between 55,000 Ontario school support workers and the Conservative government of Doug Ford.  Rallies, protests, and walk-outs are the order of the day as provincial Tories use bully tactics to perpetuate poverty wages.  Socialist Action Canada and the Workers’ Action Movement urge everyone to gather at Queen’s Park in front of the Ontario Legislature on Friday, November 4, at 11 a.m. to defend the right to strike.

Municipal Socialist Alliance Canada

Municipal Socialist Alliance Candidates Earn More Than 14,000 Votes Combined Across Ontario in 2022 Elections

The fledgling Municipal Socialist Alliance exceeded most expectations by garnering 14,870 votes across Ontario, despite getting almost zero coverage in the commercial mass media, amid a very low voter turnout to boot (about 29 percent in Toronto). Official Municipal Socialist Alliance candidates ran for city council, school board, and, in one city, for the office of mayor.

Socialist Action founding member Robbie Mahood

A Celebration of the Life of Robbie Mahood

On October 1st, 2022, friends, family, and comrades gathered in Montreal, Quebec to celebrate the life of Robbie Mahood, a founding member and revolutionary voice of Socialist Action / Ligue pour l’Action Socialiste. Federal Secretary of Socialist Action, Barry Weisleder, spoke at the memorial for comrade Robbie Mahood.

Socialist Action webcast

Socialist Action Webcasts: A New Season Has Begun

The Socialist Action webcast series has returned for a new season, featuring a number of great panel guests discussing a number of pressing topics. This season, Canadian Socialist Action will be joined by members from across the country and around the globe, as we discuss important political, social, and economic issues.

Crisis, War, Pomp, and Polarization open the Autumn of 2022

Crisis, War, Pomp, and Polarization open the Autumn of 2022

Pierre Poilevre, the hard right-wing career politician, captured the federal Conservative Party leadership with 70.7% of the votes cast on September 10, 2022.  This result reveals that a significant faction of the Canadian ruling class wants to pursue an aggressive austerity agenda, albeit under the populist guise of cutting taxes, while fanning the flames of bigotry and promoting conspiracy theories.

Socialist Action 2022 Fund Appeal – Invest in the struggle for a better world!

Now that another year of pandemic is behind us, it is time to reflect, and to replenish our resources. Inspiring are the first signs of a revival of the workers’ movement, including new union-organizing efforts, and the many young workers who are joining the revolutionary socialist movement. The aim of this New Year’s Fund Appeal is to raise over $5,000 between now and February 28, 2022, to enable Socialist Action to rise to the challenges ahead. We seek to enlist your support for our efforts to build a larger, more effective, non-sectarian, socialist working class party.

Workers Action Movement Conference

Watch here: Join us for the first cross country Workers Action Movement (WAM) Conference which will take place online on Sunday, February 28, starting at 10 a.m. PST (Vancouver), 11 a.m. MST (Edmonton), 12 noon CST (Winnipeg), 1 p.m.…

Education for Activists Conference: Revolution or Ruin

Socialist Action - Canada presents an internationalEducation for Activists Conference“Revolution or Ruin” An online gathering to address the multiple crises of world capitalism WATCH HERE: Saturday, November 21, 2020  4 p.m.  Eastern Standard Time “The Change We Need”Kathy McDonald, Trustee on the…