Solidarity with Tropicana Workers!!! No Federal Funds for Union Busters!

Socialist Action candidate for Scarborough Agincourt (Ward 22) Corey David and Federal Secretary Barry Weisleder speak in solidarity with Tropicana workers in Scarborough on Saturday, December 19, 2020.

Participants rallied in front of Minister Ahmed Hussen’s office to demand that the Federal government reallocate the Supporting Black Canadian Communities Initiative fund to another leading Black organization in Toronto.

“Workers find it unacceptable that funds destined towards vulnerable communities should be stewarded by a board that wastes public dollars on strike-breakers, security guards, and anti-union consultants. Tell Federal Minister of Child, Family & Community Services, Ahmed Hussen, that Tropicana is NOT fit to administer the federal Supporting Black Canadian Communities Initiative (SBCCI) funds as long as it leaves its own underpaid Black & racialized workers on the picket line while demanding they accept wage freezes and concessions! “