Hands Off Iran!

Comrades of Socialist Action in Toronto attended anti war rally on January 25, 2020, part of the international day of action against war on Iran!

Speech which was planned to be presented by comrade Corey D.:

Normalized war, that is what we have with U.S. Forces scattered across the globe backing yes-strongmen and pointing their guns and no-strong men their is a fabricated history of just force that in reality devastates lives, homes and nations, but it is not just on the battlefields. We live in a society built around force and coersion.

I’ve heard the number 1 reason people join the US military is because of debt. You need an education to get a job so you can eat and be sheltered so one of the only avenues for the working poor is the army where they risk their health with no political freedom. It’s not that different in many workplaces because political justice means social justice and that is a challenge capitalism can not deal with, so it distracts and muzzle’s dissent to keep workers oppressed.

This only demonstrates the power we have if we spoke to our neighbours around the world. Most of us would never endorse using bombs to solve are differences, but this is all the talking heads we see and hear speak about, it is all people like Pompeo know. He has been built into a salesman for war, what else does the CIA do?

Trudeau calls for an easing of tension, but who does he direct it to? He has never to my knowledge questioned U.S. occupation, arms sales or illegal assassination because he is part of the same system that benefits from force, from selling weapons, from oppressing people in Haiti to British Colombia. He speaks with a compassionate and serious face as armed men point guns at peaceful protesters in their own communities. That’s what it comes down to, much of this world is held by armed groups that work for systems beyond the participation of the average person. You won’t likely see it until you challenge the theft of labour and the natural world. All these people within the system, within society still have minds that can be informed that can be changed and though I have little faith of convincing billionaires or warhawks it is the main task of the anti-war movement to resist wherever we can and expose the hypocricy and relationship of subversion that effects us all.

I will say it again that we need a global antiwar movement so there is no where for these war provocateurs to stoke hatred and violence.

There will be no short cuts to such a mass movement, but if we stay focused, resolute and keep are minds and messages clear I have no doubt we will succeed.

The people, united,
will never be defeated.