Protest Against the Bombing of Syria

Protest: Saturday, April 14, 1 p.m., 360 University Avenue, Toronto
• Stop the War on Syria
• Imperialist Hands Off Syria
• Defend the Syrian People’s
• Right to Self-Determination!
• NATO Out of the Middle East!
• Canada Out of NATO!

Once again, missiles are flying and bombs are dropping on the Syrian people, a people suffering terribly in the midst of a civil war on a battlefield where the great imperialist powers and their proxies fight to carve up the country. The Canadian government is fully behind the attack by the USA, France and Great Britain in this latest affront to international law, an attack on the right of the Syrian people to decide their own future. There is not an inch of daylight between the position of Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau on interfering in the Middle East. NATO allies the USA, Canada, Turkey, and Great Britain are all actively intervening in Syria, seeking a confrontation with the allies of the Syrian government, Russia and Iran. The danger that this confrontation will spiral out of control, leading to a nuclear war, should not be under-estimated.
All three direct participants in last night’s military attack on the Syrian government are regimes facing immense political problems at home. They are using Syria as a distraction from their domestic troubles. We can’t allow them to murder the people of Syria for their own political purposes.
Imperialism, Hands Off Syria!
Stop the War on the Syrian People!