Rally in Toronto against electoral fraud, repression in Honduras – December 6, 2017

About 60 people rattled pots and pans, and rallied at Dundas and Yonge in Toronto to protest the electoral fraud and repression in Honduras. In addition to the Central American Solidarity Network, which sponsored the event, present were a number of people from Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia and other Latin American countries. The political organizations present were Socialist Action and the Communist Party. I spoke for SA. A U of T professor, Tyler Shipley, referred to Canadian capital as the biggest foreign investor in Honduras, following remarks by some members of CASN. Chanting was mainly in Spanish, “Fuera JOH”, referring to the incumbent president. Our slogan was “Down with the Electoral Fraud. Down with the Dictatorship!”  I emphasized demands to put to the Trudeau govt to denounce the fraud, demand an end to the repression, and cut off all economic, military, political and “security” ties with the dictatorship in Honduras.