NDP Leader race a vacuum after socialist withdrew

The search for a socialist candidate for NDP Leader intensified in the wake of Ontario MPP Cheri DiNovo’s withdrawal due to health reasons. See her announcement below.
An August 5 Globe and Mail article “NDP needs a strong leader to return wind to its sails” by John Ibbitson, shows that the NDP establishment has no ready or obvious contender able to recover its poise and restore total bureaucratic control. The brass is still reeling from the 2015 Tom Mulcair-led electoral disaster, and the repudiation it suffered at the NDP federal convention in April 2016.
Unfortunately, the radical left also lacks a contender.
Laughingly, although former MP Peter Stoffer points to it, he underestimates the extent of the actual shift to the left in public opinion, or at least, he downplays the alienation of broad sections of the population from the country’s political establishment.
By default, both Stoffer and York University professor Jim Laxer seem to admit that the Leap Manifesto, which they attack, remains a hot issue — one not easily coopted by the brass. And that’s a good reason to continue campaigning for Leap. — B.W.

Statement issued August 2, 2016, by Cheri DiNovo:
“When I made my initial announcement, and then my follow up saying I would pay the entrance fee, if that’s what it took to have a voice, I expected to announce today that the campaign would move to a new stage of organization. I have heard from hundreds of supporters with time, talent, and money, all committed to revisioning the NDP as its founders envisioned it – a Democratic Socialist party.
“Sadly, I have come to share other news. In the last few weeks I have suffered what we now believe were two small strokes or TIAs. Anyone who has had a stroke will know what a terrifying ordeal it can be. In that regard, I want to thank the wonderful staff at Toronto Western both in emergency and the Stroke Clinic for their assistance, as well as my family GP.
“My staff and family have been amazing through this experience and it is in consultation with them – to whom I owe so much – that I have to announce I’m withdrawing from the leadership race. For at least the next month or so my focus will be on my health, so that I’ll be able to return to Queen’s Park in the fall.
“The dream of a national party that embraces both democratic socialism, climate justice, anti-racism, the UN declaration on indigenous peoples, LGBTQ2S rights, childcare now, pharmacare, free tuition and a truly progressive tax structure is still very much alive. Those who represent the grass roots of the NDP and those progressives who want the NDP to represent them from across the country will not be silenced.
“I am confident a candidate will step forward who will be up to the task. That candidate, the one who puts principles and values at the forefront, will have me and my supporters’ full backing.
“I am so sorry that it cannot be me but this was never about me anyway. It is about the principles and values of the brave souls who penned the Regina Manifesto and their legacy that so many still share.
I and my team thank everyone.”