What’s a big bank CEO worth?

In his first year as President and CEO of Royal Bank, David McKay saw his total direct compensation jump 44 per cent to $10.9 million.

Victor Dodig, who took the top job at CIBC in September 2014, had his total direct compensation shoot up 72 per cent to $8.2 million last year.

TD Bank’s Bharat Masrani received $9 million during his first year at the helm, an increase of 10 per cent from the previous year.

Scotiabank’s Brian Porter got $9.3 million in total compensation last year, up nearly 5 per cent. BMO’s William Downe received $10.2 million last year, up more than 2 per cent from a year ago.
How many nurses could make a decent living on $10.9 million? Over 200. So, is a big bank CEO worth 200 nurses?

Is he worth even one nurse?